Dr. Glenn Brady, Clinton

“In 1992 our youngest son, Warren, graduated from college, got married, and left home. From that point, my wife Annette and I only had to look after ourselves and each other.

Since that time, we have had to contend with the following major health situations:

1.  brain surgery[Annette]
2.  spinal disc surgery[Glenn]
3.  two knee replacements[Glenn]
4.  eye cancer[Annette]

All of those situations were addressed at health care facilities in south Baton Rouge since these services were not yet available at Lane. In each of the incidents, we spent far more time coming and going than was spent in the actual diagnosis, work-up, operation, and follow-up.

We’re getting older and with aging comes health changes along with the accompanying care and treatment associated with these changes.  So we welcome the expansion of health services for the region.

We have already had one cancer incident in the family and may have another. This is why we are helping in the Radiation Oncology Center project at Lane and would like for everyone in East Feliciana to join us.”