Dry’s Health Mart Pharmacy recently presented a pledge for $7,500 to the LaneRMC Foundation to support its Cancer Services capital campaign project.  This generous donation will go toward the new Radiation Oncology Center that will open on Lane’s campus in early 2014.

“I feel it is my responsibility as a healthcare business to give back to such a worthy cause,” says John Dry, “especially one that will help the community and many of my customers who will benefit from having a local cancer treatment center.”

For more information on LaneRMC Foundation’s project, call (225) 658-6699 or visit LaneRMCFoundation.com


Drys with check

Pictured L-R: Brenda Gant, Sundee Pepper, Gwen Spinks, Mikelyn Sumner, Darlene Gremillion, John Dry, Glenn King and Crystal Carmena.