Forever Friend

Dr. Kemp Amacker

Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Brady

Breazeale, Sachse, Wilson, L.L.P.

Robert Grissom, MD

Dr. Laurie Harrington

Audrey M. Lee

John and Audrey LeTard

Charlie and Juanita Massey

Frank and Pat Millican

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Morris

Dr. and Mrs. Hubert Owen

Charlene Smith

Wilson Community Church


Best Friend

Feliciana Bank and Trust Company

First Baptist Church Men’s Prayer Group

Brent and Gwen Fuselier

Terry and Debbie Gomez

Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Lea

Dr. Harold Leggett

John and Nancy Taylor


In Memory of Ray Harrell


Good Friend

Delray and Hilda Babson

Joel and Holly Bonnette

Sheriff and Mrs. Talmage Bunch

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Castine, III

Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Decker

Kim Denson

Warren Drake

Randy and Joyce Gomez

Ellis and Terry Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Billy Kline

Greg and Jette McDougall

Julie McLin

Donald and Barbara Richardson

Linda Roark

Will and Laura Steen

Keith and Sylvia Wahoske

Tommy and Diane Womack


New Friend


Nick and Jean Adams

David and Robyn Amrhein

Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Amrhein, Jr.

Ms. K.C. Annison

Harold and Pat Babin

Dr. Wayne Barnes

Ms. Addie Sue Bean

Luke and Carolyn Beard

Wyndi Bonvillain

Gene and Helen Bruner

Mrs. Budwine

Richard Buhler

Mrs. Jane Burk

Drs. Scott and Lynn Buzhardt

Wayne and Cheryl Carter

Bill andJune Chaney

Central Drug Store

John Coghlan

Rodney and Leslie Cooper

Ken and Susan Cowart

Hunter Creed

Mike and Teresa Curtis

John and Terry DeMarche

Jay and Alliene Dykes

Charmaine Efferson

Parrish and Barbara Foote

Judy W. Foreman

Patricia Gauthier

Ed and Bonnie Gomez

Mr. Ashok Goswami

Cecil Graves

Tommy and Debra Hayes, Jr.

Mrs. Betty Harvey

John Hopewell

Ray and Nancy Horn

Venu Kakarala, MD

Joni L. King

Nell Ruth Kline

Troy Landry

Bruce Langley

Joan Lansing

Ken and Betty Montgomery

David and Lisa Metcalfe

Mr. Gilbert Mills

Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Mills

Marjorie Moore

Michael and Carla Murray

Al and Sharon Naquin

Brandon and Megan Noel

Frank and Kathy Parker

Theresa Payment

Joe Ratcliff

Brian and Carolyn Reason

John and Angel Reason

Joseph Schillings

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Simmons

Louis and Joyce Sparkman

Ryan and Amanda Talbot

Earl and Angela Thornton

Carl and Barbara Walker

Shelton and Loretta Watts

Dustin and Brandy Westmoreland

Mac and Melinda White

Mrs. Florence Williams

Victor and Joy Womack

Melvin and Betty Yoes

Gaynell Young

Donnie and Maxie Zachary





Mr. Russell Blanchard

Hardee and Betty Jo Brian

Stewart and Necie Chaney

Don and Alethea Colvin

Donald Grey

Ann and Marvin Holland

Scott and Deanna Mankins

Bobby and Jill McGraw

Ron and Virginia McMorris

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Parker

Mr. Gerry Pedersen

James and Louell Phenald

Don Reason

W.Brook and Sharon Samuel

W. C. Shaw

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Williams