LaneRMC Foundation Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  What is Lane Regional Medical Center Foundation?

Answer: LaneRMC Foundation exists to support the vision of Lane Regional Medical Center.  It is a combination of community volunteers and Lane team members who are working together to raise money to enhance and expand local healthcare services. The Foundation’s goal is to support the Hospital’s mission of providing access to the very best healthcare services, technologies and programs available.

Question:  Why is Lane Regional Medical Center called not-for-profit?  Doesn’t the hospital make  money?

Answer:  From the outside, a not-for-profit and a for-profit hospital may appear to be similar, since both have the same types of operating expenses.  However, the two have one significant difference.  A not-for-profit organization reinvests any profit back into the hospital.  In comparison, a for-profit organization distributes earnings to shareholders first.

Because Lane is a not-for-profit organization with no shareholders, all earnings are used to fund technology, equipment, operations, facilities and services that are required to maintain an up-to-date facility and meet the needs of the communities it serves.

Question:  Why does Lane Regional Medical Center need to raise money?

Answer:  Although the hospital is financially sound, it is not immune to the financial challenges facing hospitals nationwide.  Government cutbacks in Medicare reimbursements, the growing need for charity care, and the start-up costs of new services are all economic challenges.  Donated dollars enable the hospital to provide additional services and programs at no additional cost to patients.


Question: Why should an individual or business support the Foundation?

Answer: Improving Lane Regional Medical Center benefits the community in four ways:

  1. A strong local hospital helps existing businesses and industries attract and retain qualified employees, whose quality of life includes access to excellent health services.
  2. Hospital improvements assure that quality healthcare services are available locally for business owners and employees for work-related injuries and personal needs.
  3. The hospital’s $29 million annual payroll represents many of the dollars spent directly or indirectly at local businesses, so hospital growth helps business growth.
  4. The hospital is a focal point for local economic development officials as they work to attract new businesses and industries to our community and our region.

Question: Who do I contact for more information or to make a donation?

Answer:  Theresa Dold Payment, LaneRMC Foundation Director, at (225) 658-6699 or